Couple arraigned in case of dead 9-month-old

31-year-old Megan Ayres, and 23-year old Brian Sartor both plead not guilty in the initial arraignment

The ghastly look in the eyes of Megan Ayres during the arraignment said it all: this was a dark day.

Ayres and her partner, Bryan Sartor both plead not guilty at the hearing today.

The couple had moved into the mobile home in Holts Summit only a couple of weeks ago. neighbors thought their situation appeared a little desperate.

"They didn't have air conditioning, so my mom invites them over sometimes to keep cool,â?? said, Laurel Miller, a neighbor. â??But they'll only stay a couple seconds. They didn't stay like an hour to keep the baby cool."

On Wednesday morning, it was Sartor who called police, saying he found Ayres' infant son dead.

Police say calls of this nature are extremely rare in Holts Summit, and they're never easy.

"A cop's worst nightmare in my opinion is a child or an infant call, and those are the ones we carry with us the rest of our careers, the rest of our lives.â?? said Sgt. Bryan Reid of the Holts Summit Police Department. â?? it something we're used to or something we're used to dealing with all the time, no. This one never gets any easier.

Both Ayres and Sartor were arraigned at the Callaway County Courthouse today, and there next date was set for July. The community of Holts Summit, though, just wants to put this all behind them for good.

You can view the probably cause statement from Holts Summit Police Department here.