Council works to approve Capital City budget by August's end

Jefferson City council members met Thursday to discuss the fiscal 2014 budget, which takes effect Nov. 1.

Members of the Jefferson City council met Thursday night to discuss the need to cut money from next year's spending.

Still reeling from the announced closure of R.R. Donnelly, and the resulting loss of about $140,000 in property, utility, and sales taxes, the city has been working dilligently to get a budget approved by November 1st.

Mayor Eric Struemph said changed are on the horizon with the proposed cut of JC-TV and the addition of contingency plans.

"There's going to be a very large change because a lot of the accounting that we were doing this year has just simply changed. We're not looking at grant money the way we did in the past, we're not counting grants or grant expenditures until they actually get here...and that's really the majority of it plus we anticipate sales tax to be much lower than what we had anticipated last year."

Struemph said the budget revision the council did earlier this year gave them a head start for 2014.

He hopes that, with a few more meetings in the coming weeks, the budget will be approved by the end of August.