Costume Players Hold Convention

Greg Jones of Jefferson City spent more than 6 months creating his Iron Man costume.

Iron Man, Batman and a variety of characters were wandering the halls of Jefferson Cityâ??s Truman Hotel.

They attended Mid-Missouriâ??s first annual Cosplacon.

They call it Cosplay which is short for costume play. Costumed fans of comic book and cartoon characters consider themselves performing artists. At the first annual Mid-Missouri Cosplacon, or costume play convention, participants wore homemade costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplacon 2013 Chairman Rodney Hussmann said, â??It is a Cosplay, Anime, Sci-Fi, video gaming convention. Itâ??s a pop culture con. Weâ??ve brought in guests and different vendors and such to share in the culture.â??

Greg Jones of Jefferson City spent more than 6 months creating his Iron Man costume. Jones takes his work very seriously with special effects and lighting.

Jones said, â??Iâ??ve got full electronics. Iâ??ve got sound effects, lights and two different songs on it. Itâ??s pretty much a complete set up.â??

Activities included dance parties, a game room, kids programs, music concerts, panels, workshops and a fashion show. Some of the costumed characters call their costume play convention an extravaganza for nerds. The event attracted people from all across the country. Cosplacon 2013 allowed Cosplayers to make new friends and confirm the fact that they are not the only ones with this unusual hobby.

The largest Cosplay competition is the World Cosplay Summit in Japan where Cosplayers from 20 countries compete for the best costume.