Cost of construction materials on the rise

We have received numerous e-mails wanting to know why the cost of construction materials is on the rise.

Some of the viewers think it's because of the demand for materials in Joplin.

KRCG TMs Fact Finder Team talked with contractors and a lumber yard to find out.

Scruggs Lumber in Jefferson City point to a rise in oil prices for the increase costs of construction supplies.

"Steel, aluminum, and stuff like that have all taken pretty good increases. Roofing supplies, like shingles have gone up a little bit in the last few months too, Scruggs Lumber Scott Call said. This is all based on petroleum products and delivery charges for fuel surcharges and such."

Most of the contractors I talked to Tuesday said the costs of construction materials aren't that great and they hope they go down some time soon.

"It affects us a little bit. When you do a custom home you TMre pricing things. So you got to kind of price things as you get ready to build, Owner of Burks TM Construction Dave Burks said. It TMs just a tough time right now to try and figure out how to give somebody a price on something."

Burks agreed with Scruggs Lumber that the price of materials is going up because of the cost of oil.

But he said being a contractor in this economy isn't easy either because there is so much competition.

"It TMs tough. You got to keep on your game. You got be sharp. It TMs a very competitive game out there right now so you just got to stay at it, Burks said.

Scruggs Lumber told me that seeing the prices of building materials rise isn't anything out of the ordinary.

"Building materials as a whole in the summer time generally do take an increase, just because the building picks up, Call said.

Call said before you buy any building supplies do your homework to find the best prices.

Scruggs Lumber price announcements show that the lowest increase in building materials was a few months ago at 3 percent and the highest was in fiber glass at 15 to 28 percent.