Cooper County man seriously injured making explosive device

A Cooper County man suffered severe injuries while experimenting with an explosive device.

A Cooper County man sustained serious injuries when the explosive device he was assembling exploded in his face.

According to Sheriff Jerry Wolfe, the 60-year-old man was assembling some sort of explosive device, possibly for use as a shooting target. The incident occured on Speed Road south of Boonville at about 6:30 Saturday evening.

The man, whom authorities are not naming at this time, was life flighted to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. "He was in very close proximity to the charge," said Wolfe.

Wolfe said the man was attempting "some sort of remote detonation" with the device when it exploded.

The Sheriff said he does not know exactly what type of explosive was involved, but that it is his understanding that the victim had done similar experiments in the past.