Convicted felon holds man at gunpoint while on drugs

An aerial view of the Boone County Jail.

A violent convicted felon who held a man at gunpoint Wednesday night was arrested early the next morning.

Jerry Goldman, who was on probation and parole for a 2001 homicide in Columbia, was under the influence of a controlled substance, according to the victim.

The street crimes unit then found the 30 year old sitting in a car on Fourth Avenue. Although he ran when he saw the officers, he was arrested a short time later.

A search of both Goldman and the vehicle turned up crack-cocaine and found handguns, one of which had been reported stolen.

Goldman is in the Boone County Jail with a $200,000 bond.

Columbia Police Public Information Officer, Latisha Stroer, said investigators do not believe Goldman was present during the shooting at Bonny Linn Drive Wednesday night.

However, Stroer said Goldman and the man shot on Bonny Linn Drive are brothers.