Community unites for Chad Stover

Fence decorations at Tipton High School read "Pray 4 Chad!! #18"

The Tipton community is coming together to support and pray for Chad Stover.

Stover sustained a serious head injury during a playoff game on October 31. He remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

Stover's mother posted an update Wednesday on a Caring Bridge web page saying Stover is still in a coma with a severe brain injury. Doctors say the fact that he is young and healthy works in his favor.

In the mean time, red ribbons adorn homes, businesses and telephone poles across Tipton.

The community has rallied around Stover and his family.

"It's truly overwhelming. It goes far and wide for the love these people have come together to show Chad and his family," Tipton resident Sherla Hagerman said.

"It's not just the thoughts, it's 'hey coach call us up if you need anything, anything that we can do.' Everyone's there for us and the town itself,"
Stover's football coach at Tipton, Tony Braby, added.

Hagerman and her friends have cut and tied over 1,200 yards of red ribbon for area residents.

"It's important to let them know how much we love and care about them. And for every ribbon that's been tied...there's somewhere, someone, praying for Chad," she said.

Besides the ribbons, Twitter hashtags like #prayforchad and a Facebook support page have spread Stover's story beyond Tipton.

Coach Braby shared a story he heard from one of his friends:

"A friend of mine said a gentleman from Minnesota had found out through Facebook that Chad and his family just loved Arris' pizza. And so he calls up from Minnesota to order five large pizzas from Jeff City, he wanted them delivered to Columbia hospital. And they said we don't deliver to Columbia, and he goes 'no I don't think you heard me, I want five large pizzas delivered to Chad and his family at the hospital.' And so it was."