Community remembers boat crash victim

Many mid-Missourians are mourning the death of ayoung woman killed in a boating accident over the weekend.

25-year-old Mary "Corrie" Talken, of Taos, was killed when a boat she was riding incollided with another boat on the Gasconade River Saturday evening.

48-year-old Larry Hennier, of Rich Fountain, also died as a result of the crash. Four other people were injured.

Corrie's brother, Brian, described his sister as being full of life. He said while her death has brought periods of sadness and anger, he and his family know that's not what Corrie would want.

"She would want to make sure everybody knows that life is short. And to be happy, take every minute in stride," Talken said.

Brian added that Corrie put all of her energy into her job at Westphalia Hills Retirement Center, which she just left last month after about three years.

He said she loved each resident there, and residents and staff told KRCG 13 Monday that they loved her back.

"She'd just walk right up to you and give you a hug. And I think that spontaneous gift of caring...that meant a lot to me," Father David Maher, of Corrie's church St. Francis Xavier, said.

"I claimed her as my daughter, she was so special to me," Westphalia Hills resident Dorothy Veit said.

"She gave me a little doll and it's very special to me. And I don't know what I'm gonna do without her."

The news of Corrie's death rocked the retirement center.

"I didn't want to believe it. She's just one of those people that nobody wants to let go of, you know? I was in shock," Amy Bruce, an employee at Westphalia Hills and former coworker of Corrie's, said.

"She took care of people, she loved people. And that's going to be thing that we're gonna miss," Father Maher said.

But all agreed that Corrie's legacy will live on through those she's touched.