Community reacts to man's suspicious death

Friday night the Missouri Highway Patrol took 26-year old Jon Shikles of California into custody.

They believe he was involved in the death of 31 year-old Travis Higgins.

Higgins body was found in an alley and investigators say he appeared to have been beaten.

Stuff like this just doesn TMt happen around this area," neighbor Chris Pearson said.

Police are tight lipped about the investigation but neighbors said they were shocked this happened in their community.

"It was an eye opener, Chris Pearson TMs wife Cindy Pearson said. Ya know I think we tend to take advantage that we live in a small town and everything should be ok but that happened on our back door step so it makes us worry."

Neighbors told me a man doing construction on the home next door to the Pearson TMs found Travis Higgins TMs body in an alleyway just behind it.

"He just said he came across a body lying in the alley," Chris Pearson said.

Chris and Cindy Pearson live just yards away from where Higgins TMs body was found.

They said they didn't know anything happened until they saw the crime scene tape up.

"We didn't know anything had happened until the next morning I mean, we didn TMt hear anything, see anything, our dogs didn't bark," Cindy Pearson said.

"I walked back there and saw all of the crime scene tape and all that and it was just kind of a shock," Chris Pearson said.

The Pearson TMs said they can't believe something like this happened so close.

"It TMs a little unnerving, Chris Pearson said. I mean that happened less than 50 yards from my house. I mean it makes me feel like, what if I was outside or my wife was outside what would have happened then, if either one of us would have witnessed it."

Kent Brown is doing some work on his newly purchased home down the street from the crime scene.

"It TMs a small community; we're not use to things like this. So anytime something like this happens, it's a big deal," Kent Brown said.

Brown knows Shykles and said he was trying to get back on track.

"He TMs a new father, brown said. He TMs been trying to stay out of trouble, it's a shame that this happened. The way I take it, it was a bar fight."

As of Saturday night, Shikles is in the Moniteau County Jail pending the filing of a second degree murder charge.

An autopsy was performed Friday on Higgin TMs body and the results were sent back to police.

The cause of death was not made public.