Community Breast Care Project unveils 2013 'Faces of the Fight' calendar

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The new year is slowly inching closer, and if you're looking to buy new calendars soon, you might want to consider buying one that helps a good cause.

The Community Breast Care Project based in Jefferson City unveiled their new 2013 'Faces of the Fight' calendar Saturday evening, which features photos of 12 breast cancer survivors.

The project's director Lorie Smith says the women who are featured in the calendar made a bold statement.

"Each one of them provided a little verbiage on each page about what the experience meant to them,â?? said Smith. â??I cried when I looked at it. It's very touching."

The calendars can be bought for $20 each, and all of the proceeds provide financial aid for breast cancer patients through the Community Breast Care Project.

To buy a calendar, you can contact the Community Breast Care Project at their website or on their Facebook page.