Communication key to protecting your kids

Parents bring their kids to youth group every week at Concord Baptist Church to develop friendships and have a good time.

We went to see if parents are tuned in to their kids lives.

We asked three moms what they would do if their child came to them and said they were having an affair with an adult.

Denice Tipton said, â??Well I think we have an open relationship, enough that I believe she would have talked to me about it before it got that far".

"For one I would hope that I'm involved enough in their life that I would know if anything came that way", Zoe Koelling said.

All three of our moms said open lines of communication are key.

But, even in safe environments kids can run into unexpected trouble.

Linda (declined to give last name) is a counselor and the Director of Clinical Services for the Jefferson City Rape and Abuse.

She said our panel of moms is on the right track. "Having that open line of communication and knowing who your kids are with as much as you can, knowing what they're doing. I've always believed that if you keep them involved in good activities".

She says the best thing a parent can do, is PARENT.

Koelling echoed Linda's thought, "In parenting I don't expect a teacher to teach my child everything, I don't expect a youth group leader, my pastor, my church to teach my child everything, first and foremost they're in my home".

In the end all three moms said parents should go with their instinct, if something doesn't seem right, start asking questions.