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      Columbia woman wins $3 million from the MO Lottery

      Antoinett Ivicsics has become the Missouri Lotteryâ??s 387th millionaire.

      A Columbia woman has become the Missouri Lottery??s 387th millionaire.

      Antoinett Ivicsics, 49, was one of two top prize winners in the Lottery??s, "$3,000,000 Taxes Paid," scratchers game.

      Ivicsics described the moment of being a millionaire at the Petro Mart on Rangeline Road in Columbia as "shocking."

      She works as a cook at the University of Missouri??s Women and Children??s Hospital and said her winnings will be used to pay off her mortgage and help out her family.

      "I don??t think it??s going to change my daily life when it comes to work, but it??s going to feel good getting out of bed knowing that I don??t have to go to work one more day wondering how I??m going to pay everything," she said.