Columbia teenager arrested for hate crimes

A Hickman High School student was arrested for hate crimes and second degree property damage after he allegedly carved a racial slur into the side of someoneâ??s car.

Authorities said Weslie McWilliams, 17, was arrested on Friday morning at Hickman High School.

Investigators said McWilliams admitted he carved the â??nâ?? word into a car with a house key.

School officials said this hate crime stems from some concerning comments on Facebook that an act of violence was supposed to take place at Hickman on Friday.

Hickman Principal Dr. Tracey Conrad sent a letter home to parents assuring them that the rumor predicting an act of violence was just a rumor.

Conrad said, â??I think that social networking is becoming an increasing a part of all schools. I donâ??t think that itâ??s a problem. I think students have a view of anonymity when they post things on Facebook. I think it contributed to the investigation. The investigation wasnâ??t based solely on the information obtained on Facebook.â??

McWilliams also faces possible disciplinary action from the Columbia Public School District which includes short term and long term suspensions.