Columbia shows up to support fallen soldier's family


Losing someone close is always a painful process.

For Sherry Wyatt, the mother of Army Specialist Sterling Wyatt, it's especially hard, knowing that her son died so far from home.

But one thing she does have is from an entire city.

"I'm just supporting it, because it's just great to see all these people coming out for a cause, and even a person they didn't know personally, but they're still supporting it as a community," said Auburn Berry, who came out to support Wyatt's family.

And they show that support, not only with their words, but their bodies as well.

This human wall symbolized the foundation and strength of the community's support.

Crystal Haines was one of the people at the wall.

"I think it's great. It shows our support, for what we believe in, and it's amazing that there's this many people here, supporting the same things," she said.

Some people knew the Wyatt's personally, like Dallas Lancaster. Others never met them, but Lancaster says they all share one common thread.

"It's all about this right here...proud to be American"