Columbia settles lawsuit over excessive use of police force

The City of Columbia settled a lawsuit on Friday over a claim of excessive use of force within the police department.A Columbia Police officer was fired in September because of the incident, where lawyers argued Rob Sanders' acted inappropriately when he pushed an inmate against a wall and then shackled him to the floor.The city will pay Ken Baker, the man in the holding cell, $250,000 over the August incident. Ron Netemeyer, who represented Baker, said he is grateful the city took responsibility for the wrongful acts of Officer Sanders.Police Chief Ken Burton said the video of the incident was concerning. The situation resulted in Baker spending four days in a hospital with fractured vertebrae and wounds to the back of his head. Sanders said he thought he had been previously cleared in the incident, a claim with which Chief Burton disagreed.Sanders has received support from the law enforcement community who has said the portion of video released did not accurately portray what happened in the holding cell that day.