Columbia residents join nationwide Michael Brown protest

Demonstrators gathered on the MU campus Thursday, one of nearly 100 such demonstrations in the wake of the death of Mike Brown.

Demonstrators on the MU campus joined similar protests against the death of Michael Brown in more than 90 other cities Thursday afternoon.

Kailynd Beck, a marketing major at MU, said she and her friends came up with the idea early Thursday morning and decided to time their demonstration with the National Moment of Silence after finding out about it on Twitter. That movement drew demonstrations across the country, with some crowds such as one in New York City's Times Square numbering in the thousands. Beck estimated about 200 people joined the Columbia demonstration at MU's Speakers' Circle. She said she wants people to understand why so many are upset by Brown's death.

"Honestly, what our goal was, or what my goal was, was to bring awareness to people who are not my color," Beck said. "So, honestly, just making sure that anybody and everybody understands what happened in St. Louis."

Beck grew up in north St. Louis County, near Ferguson. She said what happened in Ferguson could easily happen anywhere.

"If you watch the news, you probably saw that young man sit there, dead, for probably two hours, and no one touched him," she said. "If that didn't make you feel any time of way about anything that's going on in St. Louis, or in the world, then we have a problem."

Beck and her friends have started a group called MU for Mike Brown. She said this weekend, the group plans further demonstrations and a discussion of the issues surrounding Brown's death.