Columbia reacts to shooting arrests

Channing Taylor Williams

Columbia may have gotten a bit safer this week with the arrest of two people, one considered a major player in recent crimes.

28 year old

Malcolm Desean

Redmon faces charges for third-degree assault for an incident that happened before a shooting on Walnut near the Boone Tavern on February 11th.

18-year-old Channing Taylor Williams was picked up for first-degree assault, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon for firing three rounds from one car at Banks and Worley last Friday.

Columbia Police call their patrols proactive and they hope to be making more arrests, "Now with technology we're able to place it on a map and update it a whole lot quicker so people can have maps quicker and see where the shootings have occurred." Public Information Officer, Latisha Stroer said.

In the past 11 incidents shots were fired in locations across the city, but several were in the central part.

People we talked to in downtown Columbia say they still feel safe despite the shootings, "I mean it's always good to be worried about thing like that but not to a ridiculous level" Rob Anstine told us.

Cathy Appelton said, "I think the police are doing whatever they can, things like this happen".

Carla Klein told us, "Columbia is a very safe community and I have confidence that they're going to be right on top of this and get the situation in handâ??.

Business owners we talked to agreed, because the shootings have been so spread out around the city. But, police are still asking for people to be on the look out.

" I mean if you see anything suspicious, large groups of people gathering, give us a call before anything happensâ?? Stroer said.