Columbia Police release stats on weapons used

Columbia Police release their annual Internal Affairs report. It shows how many times officers used force and fired their weapons in 2010.

The report shows officers made almost eight thousand arrests.

The report notes the department saw an increase in the use of force, but that was in part because of a more broad definition of the use of force. Last April a new policy requires officers to report any degree of force used to overcome resistance. Six categories were expanded to include these 17:

  • Balance Displacement

  • Drawing/Exhibiting Firearms

  • Handcuffing (without resulting in formal arrest)

  • Impact Weapon (Baton)

  • Impact Weapon (Other)

  • Joint Manipulation

  • Other Physical Force

  • Pepper Spray

  • Pressure Point Techniques

  • Strikes

  • Taser

  • Firearms Usage

  • Canine Apprehension

  • Canine Bite

  • Chemical Gas (OC/CN/CS)

  • Kinetic Energy Impact Device

  • Horse Action/Movement

Officers used some degree of force during 616 incidents during 2010.

As for using Tasers and firearms, officers used Tasers 39 times. Stats show:

  • 23 consisted of laser display only

  • Five (5) consisted of probe deployment followed by drive-stun

  • Eight (8) consisted of probe deployment

  • One (1) was a drive-stun only

  • One (1) was an arc-display only

  • One (1) was an accidental discharge

* During the 7,909 in-custody arrests in 2010, officers deployed (projectile deployment and/or drive stuns) their Tasers against subjects on 14 occasions (average of one (1) deployment per 565 in-custody arrests " 0.17%).

Officers used their firearms on 37 occasions; 31 times for the dispatch of injured animals, four (4) times (one incident) involving an aggressive dog, and two (2) accidental discharges. The two (2) accidental firearms discharges were found to be Improper.

The department's report goes on to say, during 2010, of the 749 Use of Force incidents, there were 25 reported injuries as a result of force used by officers (three (3)% of all UOF incidents). Seven (7) officers were injured in conjunction with use-of-force incidents.

As for reviews on the department's work, during 2010 Columbia Police officers received 140 compliments from external sources, and 175 complaints.

The department plans to post the entire report on its web site . Leave us a comment below on what you think of the work of the Columbia Police Department.