Columbia police release officer body cam video of gas station fight

The Columbia Police Department released video of body worn camera footage from a disturbance Sunday morning. (Columbia Police Department)

The Columbia Police Department released video of body worn camera footage from a disturbance Sunday morning.

Four individuals were arrested in a brawl at the I-70 Eagle Stop, with the potential of more arrests pending, according to police.

The following information was released in a statement by Columbia police:

"The body worn camera footage begins just after Spencer Ervin (seen in the red shirt) fired a gun at another person. Officers quickly move to apprehend Ervin who dropped the gun and was standing behind the woman you see being shoved in the cell phone video. Officers give directives to the woman to move out of the way. The woman appears to be preventing officers from taking Ervin into custody. Ervin appears to ignore officers' commands to see his hands. Officers direct Ervin to get down on the ground which he complies with. The woman continues to ignore officers' commands and is subsequently pushed out of the way so officers' could take Ervin into custody. Ultimately, the woman was obstructing officers from taking Ervin, who had just fired a gun at another person, into custody. Further, the body worn camera footage shows subjects continuing to approach officers after Ervin is detained. Officers are observed establishing a perimeter around Ervin and the evidence. Officers gave lawful directives to the subjects to disperse. When the subjects refused to do so, officers deployed OC spray.

"It's important to look at the situation as a whole. Incidents like this have many factors to take into consideration, and often multiple videos to review. That is why it's important to hesitate before drawing any conclusions about circumstances portrayed in things like cell phone videos," said Deputy Chief John Gordon.

This body worn camera video will be the only video released at this time. As aforementioned, the investigation in this large disturbance remains on-going."

The gas station fight was the fourth crime in 2017 reported on the department's community crime map. Its the 11th reported crime at the location in the last year. According to the community crime map data, its had more crime between March of 2016 and March of 2017 than any other gas station off the interstate in Columbia. The crimes include four assaults, four robberies, two thefts and an aggravated assault.

The Welcome Inn hotel, tucked just behind the gas station, has also seen a high amount of crime in the last year. Police investigated a homicide at the hotel in November, just months after two murder suspects out of Callaway County were captured there in April. The community crime map data shows the hotel has been at the center of 17 other crimes since March of 2016 including 4 burglaries, 6 assaults, 3 motor vehicle thefts, 3 vandalism incidents and a robbery.

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