Columbia police arrest 7 suspects in Drug Roundup

Undercover Columbia police officers have arrested seven people since Thursday during a Drug Roundup.

Members of the departmentâ??s narcotics unit found a wide variety of illegal drugs during their ongoing investigation.

Undercover narcotics officers in Columbia said drug dealers in their city are selling everything from meth to heroin to make money and to get themselves high.

Columbia Police Sgt. Matt Stephens said, â??Within the last week or so, the Columbia Police Department has been involved in serving several narcotics related warrants. At this point, Iâ??m not sure who they are still looking for, or whether they have completed who they set out to find.â??

Columbia police arrested Christel Swims, Darious Lucas, Morrigan Carperter, Ricky Hunt, Robert Edwards, Satin Demarco and Mathew Creson.

Investigators said some of the suspects in this recent drug roundup know each other while others have no connection. All seven people have one thing in common. They all have a criminal history with drugs.

Undercover narcotics agents are buying illegal drugs as part of their sting operation. These latest drug arrests are part of a long term investigation.

Columbia police investigators said they are targeting drug dealers in all parts of their city.