Columbia man trapped on bed by fallen tree survives

A Columbia man escaped with his life after a large tree fell on his mobile home, pinning him to his bed for over an hour.

UPDATE: June 4, 2014, 5:05 p.m.

An 8 month pregnant woman and her fiancé both survived a tree falling on their mobile home.

Columbia firefighters used saws, pry bars, and hydraulic rescue tools to cut out Cheston Fox, 38, from his bedroom. Fox was pinned from the waist down after a tree crashed onto his bed. The rescue took about an hour in the high winds and rain. Foxâ??s pregnant fiancé was sleeping next to him when the tree fell. She got out safely.

Fox said, â??Itâ??s amazing nothing happened to her. I could deal with something happening to me, but her and my child, no. That is too much to go on.â??

Foxâ??s next door neighbor Lisa Fisher lost part her trailer and most of her belongings in the storm. The winds tossed her around and shattered her windows.

Fisher said, â??Oh my god! Thatâ??s all I kept saying. God help me! God help me! I just flew like a bird. I donâ??t know how I stepped over the glass without getting cut.â??

In the mobile home park next door, Felicia Marsh woke up in the middle of the night to find a tree on top of her car.

Marsh said, â??I canâ??t believe this happened. How and why would this happen to us?â??

No one was seriously hurt at both Edâ??s and Sunset mobile home parks in South Columbia. Cheston Fox was treated for minor injuries at a hospital.

Fox said, â??It could have been worse. Iâ??m just grateful that Iâ??m still living.â??

The American Red Cross is helping families without homes at both Edâ??s and Sunset mobile home parks.


A Columbia man was trapped pinned to his bed in south Columbia after strong winds caused a large tree to fall on his mobile home overnight.

According to spokesman John Metz, Firefighters were called to Ed's Mobile Home Park on South Lenoir street at about 4:30 Wednesday morning, where they discovered a four foot diameter tree that had fallen on the bedroom portion of a trailer, pinning the 38-year-old victim.

Rescuers spent an hour cutting portions of the tree and the roof of the mobile home off of the man. He was then transported to a hospital with potentially serious injuries.

A woman who was in the house escaped unharmed.