Columbia man arrested in connection to 2002 rape case

Jackie Lee Jennings (Boone County Jail)

Columbia police arrested a man on Thursday on in connection to a 2002 rape case.

Authorities said 53-year-old Jackie Lee Jennings was arrested at 415 N. Keene Street for a felony warrant on the original charge of forcible rape with a bond of $200,000.

The prosecutor's office said charges were filed and Jennings was arrested after a recent ID hit linked Jennings to the rape.

According to a probable cause statement, a lab report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol compared DNA profile from a March 2017 case with the 2002 rape. A booking photo of Jennings matched the description given by the victim in the 2002 incident.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jessica Caldera said Jennings had to submit to DNA collection when he was found guilty of receiving stolen property - a felony charge in Missouri.

Missouri law states anyone who is found guilty of a felony is required to have a fingerprint and blood or scientifically accepted biological sample collected for purposes of DNA profiling analysis.

Editor's Note: The story has been updated to reflect information from the court documents.

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