Columbia Kennel Club hosts dog show at Boone County Fairgrounds

This weekend the stage was set for our furry friends as the Columbia Kennel Club put on a dog show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Local and out-of-state folks came in droves to let their furry friends strut their stuff. There were two main types of competitions:

One called â??obedienceâ??, where the dogs were judged on how well they could follow commands from their owners, and the other was called "conformation", which show organizers called the "beauty pageant" of the show, because the dogs were judged on how they looked based on their breed.

Show officials said that while the competition was main focus, there were also things they tried to get across to would-be dog owners.

Debbie Bell is a chairwoman for the Columbia Kennel Club Dog Show.

"This is a great opportunity for folks who are interested in adding a dog to their family to come see what sorts of purebred dogs are available. There are lots of different breeds, they can talk with breeders, they can check out what the dogs look like, what their personalities are like, things like that.," she said.

The show ran on Saturday and Sunday. Raffle tickets were also sold, and all the money earned from those tickets will be donated to MU's Barkley House College of Veterinary Medicine.