Columbia College to go Tobacco Free in August

Columbia College announced all 36 campuses will go Tobacco Free on August 21, 2017. (Caileigh Peterson/KRCG 13)

Columbia College announced all 36 campuses will become tobacco free in August of 2017.

The announcement came after what university officials said was a year and a half of planning.

"This is definitely the trend moving forward for lots of schools. We have a unique venue where we have campuses across the United States on military bases, co-op buildings. We just needed to make sure we got everything right," Bryan Sappington, Columbia College's Director of Residential Life said.

Sappington said the goal is to provide a healthy campus for students.

Designated smoking areas are being removed from campus during the summer.

Sappington said the initiative will prepare students for future workplaces that might already be tobacco free.

"This will be great for Columbia College. Our job is to create a safe environment and help students learn. This is something that lots of businesses across the United States are doing so we're trying to prepare them for that real world that they're going into," Sappington said.

Columbia College said they will provide resources to help students quit using tobacco.

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