Color Dash draws more than 1,000 runners

Particpants in Saturday's Central Missouri Humane Society Color Dash told KRCG 13 they loved the run's friendly, noncompetitive atmosphere.

Even before the fundraising run began, participants playfully dumped packets of colored powder on each other, laughing the whole time. The massive crowd ranged in age from tiny infants in strollers to retirees, with high school and college-age runners making up the majority of the runners. Many of them, like MU student Cherilyn Mai, were taking part in their first Color Dash. Mai said she saw an ad for the run, decided it looked like a fun time, and formed a team with some of her friends.

"It wasn't really a competitive race, which was fine with me," she said.

Saturday's wet weather lifted just in time for the race to begin. Participants made two laps around Stephens Lake Park's outer trail, a distance of 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles, while volunteers cheered them on and doused them with more colored powder at checkpoints along the way. Organizers say the race drew more than 1,000 runners, which exceeded their expectations, and raised more than $7,000.

Jefferson City resident Roy Asi said Saturday's run was his first organized race all year. He said he loved spending time hanging out with the other runners before the race.

"You could tell by the atmosphere everyone was enjoying it," he said.

Humane Society Shelter Relations Coordinator Colin LaVaute said the money raised would go toward the shelter's animal care operations.