Cole County roadways are getting worked on as much as possible

Many viewers have been asking us to find out why Missouri rural roads are in bad shape.

Is it because the roads are underfunded?

KRCG's Facebook crew talked with Cole County Public Works Thursday to find out if the roads are and what can be done to change that.

Cole County gets about $6 million each year to take care of the roadways.

But is that enough to get the job done?

The Cole County Public Works Director Larry Benz tell us that money is just enough to get by on.

He said the economy is really taking a toll on the county because the costs of fuel, equipment, insurance, and pretty much everything is going up.

So he tells us that the county is doing all it can to make sure the roadways are fit for everyone to drive on.

But will there be any money to help roadways in the future?

"The only way change is going to come around is if the people make enough statements to their representatives. Whether it's in the state legislator or in congress, they need to make themselves known, Cole County Public Works Director Larry Benz said.

Benz said Cole County isn't the only county in the state that the economy has effected.

He said pretty much all counties are dealing with the same economic problems.