Cole County neighborhood vandalized with spray paint

Police in Cole County are looking for vandals who marked up one neighborhood with spray paint.

Sunday morning residents in one Cole County neighborhood woke up to find their cars and mailboxes vandalized.

Neighbors on Woodhaven Dr. said it looked like someone walked right down the street with a can of spray paint, marking different pieces of property along the way.

"There were 3 mailboxes with the lids spray painted gold, vandalized Woodhaven Dr. resident Robert Popow said. My mom had a gold stripe down the side of her car and then I had the wheels on my car spray painted gold. y neighbor down at the front of the street had his tailgate vandalized, it was painted all gold."

Popow said not only does the graffiti frustrate him, it's also an inconvenience.

"I TMm pretty mad, Popow said. Now I have to pay money in order to get my car fixed now. So it's kind of an inconvenience."

While he knows he's out hundreds of dollars, he hopes whoever vandalized his neighborhood thinks twice before they do it again.

Popow said he's got a pretty good idea who left their golden signature on his property.

"I'm thinking it was probably some kids that were bored, walking around the neighborhood and had a can of spray paint," Popow said.

Neighborhood watch signs are posted along Woodhaven Dr. and Popow said after this event he'll be watching a little more.

"Yeah, pay a lot closer attention, Popow said. I'll be watching here at night."

The Cole County Sheriff's Department said this is an ongoing investigation but they do have some good leads they TMre following up on.

What do you think? Has this happened in your neighborhood?