Cole County checkpoint yields multiple arrests

A sobriety checkpoint set up by the Cole County Sheriff's Department as part of the state-wide "Drink and Drive and Get Pulled Over" campaign has resulted in multiple arrests.

The checkpoint on Highway 54 at Hammond Drive on Saturday led to:

One arrest for driving while intoxicated

Seven arrests for driving while revoked/suspended/without a valid license

Two citations for child safety seats

One arrest for a minor in possession of an intoxicating beverage.

A total of 406 cars were checked.

"Checkpoints like these are about high visibility and using high visibility as a deterrent against drunk drivers. When the drivers and passengers of those 406 cars went through, they knew, had they been drinking and driving, they would have been arrested, so the next time they drink, they, hopefully, wonâ??t get behind the wheel," Cole County Sheriff Greg White said.

In 2012, the Cole County Sheriffâ??s Department arrested over 200 drunk drivers. They are on track to top that this year.