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      Cold Weather Delays Planting

      This yearâ??s cold and wet spring has caused a lot of problems for flower and vegetable gardens throughout Missouri.

      Some area gardeners are starting all over again because of recent cold temperatures.

      Michelle Ankenman of Columbia waited until now to plant her flowers because earlier, this spring, it was too cold and wet. She also remembered to get her mom something for Motherâ??s Day.

      Ankenman said, â??Iâ??m kind of leery about planting them. I still hoping we donâ??t get any more snow. I think weâ??re going to do O.K.â??

      Michelle and her family found their plants and flowers at Boone Countyâ??s Strawberry Hill Farms. The Sapp family started selling strawberries on their farm just south of Columbia in 1980 when owner Steven Sapp was just 3 years old. Today, Strawberry Hill Farms has more than one million flowers and vegetable plants just waiting to find a new home. Sapp said itâ??s been a real struggle this year because of the recent cold temperatures. He still remains optimistic with the largest inventory of plants and flowers heâ??s ever had on display. Sapp is a third generation farmer and a second generation owner of Strawberry Hill Farms.

      Sapp said, â??Everything is O.K. now such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe. All of those things are about ready to plant. Weâ??re trying to make sure that we have enough of all of those things.â??

      Sapp suggests you buy your flowers and plants during this upcoming week before last minute Motherâ??s Day shoppers come out next weekend.

      Strawberry Hill Farms attracts customers from all across the country.

      Every year, the farm provides some of the flowers youâ??ll find under the St. Louis Arch.