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      Cold temperatures delay planting

      Spring is officially here, but it still feels like winter and the cold temperatures are delaying the planting season for mid-Missouri farmers.

      At this time last year, mid-Missouri farmers were at full corn-planting production. Some of the corn was up and out of the ground on the first day of spring. This year, mid-Missouri corn would likely rot in soil with temperatures around freezing. he good news is that the drought is officially over and warmer temperatures are on the way.

      Bradford Farm Superintendent Tim Reinbott said, â??It did not look good just a few months ago. Like most farmers, we would gladly trade some moisture for a little bit of a delay in planting.â??

      Reinbott is not concerned about this yearâ??s planting delays because weather forecasters are predicting warmer temperatures for April.

      Mid-Missouriâ??s soil needs to warm up another 20 degrees during the morning hours before farmers plant their corn. While some soil is ready to go now, MU researchers said the key to planting this year is patience.

      â??It is shown that farmers with patience know when the soil is right, especially with corn. It can really give good dividends later," Reinbott said.

      Reinbott said this yearâ??s rain in January combined with two heavy snowfalls this winter gives mid-Missouri farmers a great start on moisture. He said he hopes Mother Nature continues to bring rain during the hot months of July and August.

      Reinbott said this is the time of year for amateur gardeners to grow their plants from seed.

      He suggests growing tomato seeds in a pot near a window sill or on top of your refrigerator where there is plenty of warm air.