Cold and Flu season starts in about six weeks

The time of year that has parents and child care providers worried "sick" is almost upon us.

Cold and Flu season starts in about six weeks.

So is there anything you can do now to prevent an illness?

Some health officials are saying one way to prevent catching the common cold or a virus is to clean your nose frequently.

So KRCG's Facebook Crew talked with local doctors Thursday to find out if cleaning your nose is the answer to preventing that nasty cold.

Every year, about a 100 Missouri children get sick with the flu, and thousands more come down with colds.

Some doctors said cleaning your nose and nasal passages can help prevent that from happening, but it may not work unless you're already sick.

"If your child has a virus, cold, or allergies I think cleaning your nose is probably worth it. But for a regular kid who's not sick, I TMd say it probably won't do much, Capital Family Care Dr. Eric Caywood said.

Caywood said it's almost impossible to prevent children from getting some type of cold.

"It's not so much a weather thing, it's an exposure thing. Kids are smashed in with other kids at school. So when kids come to school with colds, they cough and sneeze on other kids, Caywood said. Then boom another child gets sick a week later."

Cole County Health Department officials agree with Caywood, but they said there are a couple things parents can teach their kids so germs can stop being spread.

"We want children to know how to sneeze and cough the proper way. The proper way is by doing it into your arm instead of your hands. If children do this it prevents them from leaving a bacteria trail behind in the classroom and playground, Cole County Health Dept. Mary Telthorst said.

Both the Cole County Health Dept. and Dr. Caywood agreed that the best way to prevent having sinus TMs problems or getting the common cold would be to wash your hands thoroughly every day.

"Parents need to teach children the proper way to wash their hands. The proper way, is by making sure they use soap and water; and wash for atleast 10 to 20 seconds, Telthorst said.

The Cole County Health Dept.'s main message is that washing your hands often prevents illness.

So tell us what you think. Do you do anything special to prevent catching the common cold or a virus?

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Does your children get colds or have sinuse's problems often? If they do one way to prevent that is to clean your nasal passages.

Keeping the cilia, the hairs in your nose, clean and free from mucus helps them do their job of snagging impurities that try to steal their way into your lungs.

Doctors suggest a clean nose each day can help keep kids out of the nurse's office.

Tonight at ten KRCG's Facbook Crew sits down with doctors to find out how important it is to keep your nose clean.