City council to vote on possible projects for old St. Mary's Hospital


The Jefferson City council is considering two possible projects to revitalize the old St. Mary's hospital area.

The proposed area would declare the area blighted, designate a redevelopment area, and fund the plan through tax increment financing.

Developers have proposed two potential plans for the 9.8 acres which sit near the intersection of Bolivar Street, Highway 54 and US-50.

According to council documents, the first plan, which developers refer to as the "Lincoln Plan", would allow for an extension for Lincoln University. The plan includes a 180,000 square foot educational center, as well as a commercial site for retail and restaurants. It would require partial demolition as well as renovation and restoration of the medical office building. The project would cost $44.6 million.

The second, which developers refer to as the "Commercial Project", would increase the amount of commercial square footage on site. It would include office redevelopment as well as space for retail and restaurants. The plan requires partial demolition on site, and complete demolition of St. Mary's Hospital expansions. The project would cost $30.9 million.

The council is set to vote on the plan at its next meeting August 21.

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