City Council meeting ends abruptly with angry residents

Update: Friday, July 22 at 8:30 a.m.:

After Thursday night's Stover City Council meeting, Police Officer John Snyder resigned, saying the council has gone to great lengths to silence public opinion about the newly appointed police chief.In a resignation letter faxed to the KRCG Newsroom just after midnight, Snyder cited what he called the ethical repercussions of working for a police chief still awaiting charges for DWI in an injury accident.Original Story:

What seemed like a typical city council meeting in Stover Thursday night abruptly ended.

We have a serious problem here about our drinking water and they will not discuss it with the public," Stover resident Aaron Fowler shouted at the end of the meeting.

Two men at the meeting were upset Mayor Scott Beckmann is still in office after being convicted of lying to a federal agent about adulterated drinking water samples.

They said the city of Stover is corrupt.

"I TMm just pleading with the attorney general's office, the ethics committee, come in here and shut this town down and get to the bottom of this, Fowler said. Do a ten year audit find out where this money went, find out why these people were allowed to poison us for so many years and it was all hush hush, because if you don't belong to the good old boys club and you're an outsider, you don't count."

On the flip side, most of the people at the meeting disagreed.

"Just because he was convicted, it does not make him guilty in most of the people in Stover TMs eyes, Dwight Palmer said. The city council has a job to do and it just makes it harder for the council to do their business when we have people like this who keep coming in every month wanting to stir up trouble."

Earlier in the day Thursday Stover City Hall was not going to allow our cameras in during the meeting, but later found out it TMs against the law to ban our cameras from public events