Citizens voice opposition in Transform Jefferson City project

We're in the final weeks leading up to a big vote for Jefferson City's future.

Will voters approve a half percent sales tax to fund a $41 million Transformation Project, or will they send the city council back to the drawing board?

Over the past couple of months we've heard a lot about what the Transformation will build.

Projects like a new conference center at the old penitentiary along with new roads leading to the site, plus a new 400 space parking garage are just a few of the projects we could see.

We've heard very little from those who oppose the transformation so Sunday we asked why they're opposing the project.

"We can only see, probably a financial disaster", said Ed Williams.

Williams has some real concerns over the city's proposed transformation, mainly a conference center which he says be a will be a money drain on the city.

"There is no city owned conference center in the country that is supporting itself so this one will be no different", he said.

Williams said he liked the original purpose of the transformation which was to bring young professionals to the city.

He said the conference center is just to risky because convention centers around the country have seen a 30 percent decrease in attendance in the past decade when convention space has also grown by 30 percent.

But, overall he says the transformation project isn't all bad, â??Some of the projects very likely are good and had they been considered independently could have gotten some support but I would hope they would be financed some way other than a sales tax".