Citizens assist authorities in stopping drunk driver

A group of private citizens used their vehicles to stop a man they believed was driving while intoxicated.

James Francis Roach, Jr. was driving near Highway F south of Fulton and causing worry among other drivers who reported to police that Roach was driving erratically.

Police were sent to stop the driver but before they arrived, a tractor trailer driver and five other drivers got involved and stopped the accused DWI offender.

Fulton Police Sergeant Ed Duvall said the good samaritans may have saved someone's life.

"Some citizens actually stopped the truck, we responded to assist troopers and help with the stop. Basically cell phones people. Call and let us know about these drunk drivers. "

Roach was taken into custody for suspected drunk driving by the Callaway County Sheriff's Department. He is currently being held at the Callaway County Jail.