Church collects toys for needy kids

A Columbia Church is making sure poor kids in one European country have soft toys to play with.

Members of Columbia's First Baptist Church spent Sunday afternoon boxing up hundreds of donated stuffed animals to send to the capital of Georgia, a small country in Europe near Russia.

Several kids pitched in with the donations and the packing. They say it's made them feel good to help.

"They're gonna get all these stuffed animals and I think they're gonna be really happy. Cole Kieffer said.

"It makes me feel good because they'll have something else soft to play with, Raquel Kausler said.

Organizers said the congregation has been collecting toys at mass for several weeks now. They called the project, "Stuffed Offering."

"Everybody has extra stuffed animals, organizer Janet Kieffer said. The kids were able to collect them and kids learn about how some kids have wooden toys to cuddle with and not stuffed animals. So they realized how important that was."

820 stuffed animals were collected in all, filling 25 boxes.

The chuch is not accepting any more toy donations again until next year.