Charges filed against Fulton abduction suspect

CALLAWAY COUNTY, Mo. -- On Tuesday, formal charges were filed against the suspect in a Fulton-based kidnapping case that happened on Friday.

The Callaway county prosecutor officially filed class a felony charges of assault and robbery against 57-year-old Pamela Carter, the suspect in the case.

Another misdemeanor paraphernalia charges was added after the suspect was found with what police believe to be a smoking pipe during her arrest on Sunday.

The prosecutor says the case in still under investigation, and other charges, including kidnapping, could later pop up.

"The charges that are filed are based upon the information available to the prosecutor at the time we filed the charges.â?? said Callaway County Prosecutor Chris Wilson. â??As the investigation progresses, that may be subject to change. It just depends on what evidence comes out of that investigation."

The victim of the alleged attack, 52-year-old Sara Spencer, is currently recovering at University Hospital in Columbia. She is reported to be in fair condition, and expected to make a full recovery.

Carter is still in custody at the Callaway County Jail on $1 million bond.