Change of venue ordered for Apache Flats robbery suspect

Cole County Judge Richard Callahan this morning ordered a change of venue for one of the suspects in a fatal home invasion in Apache Flats last October.

Daniel Hynson faces a charge of second- degree murder in the case.

Investigators believe a victim of home invasion fired a weapon, killing one of several home invaders.

Under the felony murder law, prosecutors hold Hynson responsible.

Callahan said a jury will be imported to hear the case, probably from Phelps or Franklin Counties.

Callahan rescheduled a court appearance for the second of seven suspects in the home invasion.

Anthony President was to appear for formal arraignment Monday, but there was apparent confusion over the schedule with the public defender's office.

Monday was also judge Callahan TMs final law day on the bench.

Law day is a session when the judge clears the docket of pending arraignments, pleas, and sentencing.

Callahan will leave the court this weekend to take a presidential appointment as a federal prosecutor in St. Louis.

His appointed replacement, Paul Wilson, was in court this morning taking notes on pending cases.

Wilson is a former assistant in the attorney general's office.

Gov. Jay Nixon appointed Wilson to replace Callahan until the next election in November.

Wilson has indicated he will run for a full term on the bench.