Centralia residents find ways to cope with boil order

CENTRALIA, Mo â?? Centralia residents are still under a boil order for at least another day.


ity administrator Lynn Behrns says water samples were sent to the lab this morning but the results won't be in until tomorrow evening. Depending on the results, the order will either be extended or lifted.

Residents in Centrailia have been under a boil order since Sunday after two water main breaks.

Leaders in the community that we talked to say they're making due just fine with what they have right now.

"Most of our stuff is pre-packaged. We've had to shut down the water fountains,â?? said Tad Dunn, the Director of Centralia Parks & Recreation. â??We do have bottled water here, so we do allow that to come in. but from an operational standpoint, besides just the increased number of people, it really hasn't affected us at all."