Cemetery facing bankruptcy, graves in disrepair

Residents of a Morgan County community want answers about a cemetery facing bankruptcy.

Greenmore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Barnett hardly gets any maintenance or attention these days. People, like Jim Sanning, have paid for services that they're not sure they'll receive. Now the attorney general's office has stepped in to investigate.

Sanning laid his mother and father to rest at the cemetery. His friends and family are also buried there. Over the past few years, he's had to come out and trim the grass around their graves. It's something he hadn't planned on doing.

"They bought this (plot) thinking it would be taken care of forever," Sanning said. "And seems like maybe now that may not be."

At a meeting, officials tried to keep the focus on on moving forward. They confirmed the owners of the cemetery are under investigation for walking away from the property, leaving it in disrepair.

"A lot of people are gonna lose money because they paid for things they're not gonna get, Sanning said.

State officials say the man who most recently owned the property died and his kids aren't interested in maintaining the cemetery.

"I TMm not doing this as a state representative just because it's in my district, Rep. Rodney Schad (R-115 District) said. I have an aunt and uncle there and some cousins buried there.

Schad says those who are buried there deserve better.

"You're taking advantage of people who can't do anything, Sanning said.

One solution would be to have the attorney general's office transfer the property to a board of community members who would be responsible for the upkeep.

In any case, residents like Sanning hope something can happen before the grass starts to grow.