Celebrity stylist shops in Mid Missouri

There's been a star sighting in Mid-Missouri.

He TMs appeared on Oprah several times and is known for his show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

He's been seen in Fulton, and riding horses in Callaway County and KRCG got the chance to catch up with the famous stylist.

Carson Kressley came to Mid-Missouri chasing his love for horses.

Kressley visited Callaway Hills Stable Friday in hopes of finding a new accessory, a saddle bred horse.

"It's a great place to go shopping, Kressley said. It's probably my first favorite place even more than Niemen Marcus."

Kressley said finding the right horse is like finding the perfect pair of shoes.

"You try out as many as you can, Kressley said. The ones that look like they're going to fit the bill and then when you are actually on them, and they're working really great and it clicks, then you know."

While Kressley was in town to find his next horse he also took some time for the Callaway Hills Animal Shelter which is part of the farm.

"If you're looking for a pet, you know, the best thing you could possible do is adopt one from a shelter, Kressley said. It's a great facility and it's right here in Callaway County and they just make great friends."

When Kressley isn't with horses he is working on his new makeover show, Carson Nation.

He said the show will focus on traveling from small town to small town helping people look and feel good about themselves.

"It's really about showing people that no matter where you live, if you live in a small town you have fantastic style, it's just about knowing how to do it," Kressley said.

Kressley said this spring it's not about the clothes, it's all about the attitude.

"You don't have to go out there and spend lots of money, Kressley said. For women it could just changing your nail color or updating your makeup palette, or getting one or two great accessory pieces with great color. I think for guys it's even easier. If you have a suit you're wearing all of the time, you can pop in a fresh new dress shirt like in lavender or some fresh color for the season. I think color probably more than anything says spring and it's also a great way to change the basics that you already have. Just add a pop of color and things look new again."

To learn more about the animal shelter visit