Caterwauling kitten freed from car

A kitten was found in a car when the motorist was getting fuel and heard the animal's cries.

Muffled cries from an unseen kitten alerted a motorist to the animal's plight.

The woman heard the kitten while getting fuel at Eagle Stop Convenience Store in Osage Beach on Sunday at about 9:50 a.m.

When officers responded to the call, they could see the kitten in the engine compartment, but couldn't get to it. The Osage Beach Fire Protection District was called in to help.

Senior officer Kevin Friend said the kitten moved from the engine compartment and became trapped between the rear frame and body of the car. Brian Crumm, also with the fire department, worked for several minutes to carefully free the terrified kitten from the rear quarter panel area of the vehicle.

Although dehydrated and hungry, the 4-to-6-month-old, light grey female tabby is doing well and is staying with John and Arlyne Page.

John Page said the kitten is a healthy weight and doesnâ??t have the common insect infestation that one might normally see in a stray. The Pages would love to find her owner, but if her owner can't be found, the kitten will be taken to the Dogwood Animal Shelter to be spayed, given her shots and returned to the Page farm.