Cars slide off Cole County roads

A car flipped over on BB in Eugene Friday.

Freezing rain and sleet caused multiple car crashes across mid-Missouri Friday.

Sergeant Dane Huffman of the Cole County Sheriff's Department said Friday's conditions pose different risks than snowy conditions.

"It looks like it's just wet but then you get a patch that's actually icy and slick. With the snow I think everybody pays closer attention to it because they can actually see that it's snow but the freezing rain and ice just tricks people," Sgt. Huffman said.

He says the Sheriff's Department works with Highway Patrol and local fire departments when accidents occur. He also will make contact with the Missouri Department of Transportation if he happens upon a roadway that needs treatment.

Sgt. Huffman says the best ways drivers can stay safe are to slow down, leave extra space between your car and the car in front and anticipate the moves of other drivers.