Cargill severing over 60 jobs from California plant

The lawn is littered with feathers at the Cargill turkey plant on the east side of California.

Cargill is plucking dozens of jobs away from it's workforce as the overnight shift is scheduled to stop October 12th.

"At this point, our best guess is that about 60 employees will be impacted, and we will be providing them with severance payments, with our placement support, and other transitional support to help them move to whatever they're going to be doing next," said Cargill spokesman Mike Martin.

The news at Cargill could affect other jobs in California as well. There's talk of downsizing at Hogan Trucking company right next to Cargill, but the only thing officials could say there was â??no commentâ??.

Cargill officials confirm they will cut down on using some third-party shipping contractors.

"So as the increase in transportation costs increase, the profitability margin decreased, and so...again, you're looking at it from an economic just wasn't working." said Martin.

The price of grain is also up substantially and that's driving up the price of meat and the demand for it down.

Some people around California said that this wasn't the first time that the third shift had been cut.


ne gentleman said his mother lost her job about 10 years ago when they decided cut the third shift.