Cardinals merchandise made in mid-Mo. hits shelves

As soon as it became clear Friday night that the Cardinals were going to help the Dodgers get out of this year's baseball season, the Missouri Cotton Exchange in Columbia turned on their t-shirt presses.

"It's fun to take part in such a big event," said owner Jeff Glenn. "When I see the parade going on downtown and they've got the same design on, we say "Maybe that's one of ours!" So, it's fun to be involved," Glenn said.

KRCG13 clocked how long it takes to make a t-shirt, from start to finish. The plant begins with a large shipment of red t-shirts, which workers then place one at a time on machines that apply colors, layer by layer. Finally, the t-shirts are sent through an industrial dryer before they become ready for shipment.

From the pile to the dryer, the time it takes the Missouri Cotton Exchange to make one t-shirt is 2:10.

Before they are shipped off to stores, the shirts undergo a painstaking quality control process to make sure all t-shirts are identical.

Overall, the Missouri Cotton Exchange manufactured 6,500 t-shirts Friday night, but that is only a small fraction of the merchandise that will end up on store shelves.

MC Sports in Jefferson City had some shirts on display less than a day later. Manager Amber Pearre says the tees will bring a 50% boost in foot traffic through the doors of her store. She says, MC Sports will be prepared for an onslaught of fans, just like in 2011.

"Business was definitely booming at the time, we were definitely selling more Cardinals stuff. It was really nice just to be able to help support the Cardinals," Pearre said.

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