Car dealers in Mid-Missouri said their sales are up

With gasoline prices headed back through the roof, people who drive gas guzzlers are once again looking to trade for smaller, fuel-efficient cars.

Last month, General Motors sales went up 27 percent because the demand for vehicles with good gas mileage.

KRCG's Facebook crew checked with car salesmen around Mid-Missouri to find out if their sales are up as well.

Car dealers in Mid-Missouri said their sales are up and the price of gasoline has a lot to do with that.

"A lot of people commute 30 to 40 miles to work every day to the Jefferson City and Columbia area. When you commute that much, fuel economy is obviously going to be an issue, Riley Chevrolet Cadillac Clay Adholt said. So right now, we get a lot of people in here looking specifically for trading for fuel economy reasons."

Adholt told me not everyone is trading their cars in. Some are actually buying a third car so they can get better gas mileage when they drive back and forth to work.

A lot of people are buying third cars. They're trying to buy a slightly used cars for a third car for fuel economy reasons., Adholt said. A lot of people are still uncertain how high gas prices are going to go, so they are not disposing their SUV's and trucks."

The most popular car on this Riley Chevrolet and Cadillac's lot is the Chevrolet Cruze. It get's a little over 35 miles to the gallon.

Mike Kehoe Ford is also seeing a demand for fuel efficiency.

"Gas is definitely an issue. When people go to a pump and realize maybe this car costs less to fill up than their other one, that costs about half as much, then it's starting to play a role, Mike Kehoe Ford Chris Ehase said.

Ehase said his most fuel efficient car is the Ford Fiesta. It gets almost 40 miles to the gallon.

But if you can't afford a new car, Ehase says to make sure your car is running as well as it can.

"Make sure your tire pressure is right, your fuel filter is clean, and your air filter is clean. Those are some things you can do to save fuel, Ehase said.

Tell us what you think. What are you doing to save gas?

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With the terribly high gas prices, people are beginning to trade in their gas guzzlers for smaller cars.

In April General Motors automobile sales went up 27 percent because people want gas saving vehicles.

Today our facebook crew is asking car salesmen around Mid-Missouri if their sales are up too.

Coming up tonight at ten we TMll tell you what car salesmen have to say about their sales.

So tells us what you think. Are you trading in your gas guzzler for a smaller car?