Car crashes through a law enforcement officer's house

Updated 6:00pm, May 16th:

It's not everyday that a car drives into a house.

Eldon Police responded to a unusual car crash on 9th street in Eldon last night at around 7 p.m. A vehicle had driven into a home's basement bedroom.

The bedroom of Alexa Bartlett was lucky to have been at work when the car plowed through her bedroom wall.

Alexa said, "My dad called me and was like 'There is a car in your room' . . . I started crying . . . it's little weird that I can't sleep in my room now.â??

Alexa's dad is a local law enforcement officer. The Missouri Highway Patrol took over all investigations.

This was no ordinary clean up call for Clean Pro Restoration, but construction is underway.

Todd Buck from the clean-up crew said, "It's a little unusual, but like I said it isn't out of the realm either."

The Clean Pro Restoration crew said Alexa should be sleeping safe and sound in her bedroom in about a month.


At about seven o'clock Tuesday night a car crashed through a house on 9th Street in Eldon.

The Eldon Police Department said no one was injured and they are unsure exactly what happened.

Police say the Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating the incident because the house is owned by a law enforcement officer.

We'll have more details as soon as they become available.