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      Capital Region announces building expansion

      Capital Region Medical Center announced Friday morning that the hospital will add a 115,000 square foot expansion to the current main center on Madison Street.

      The $35 million, four floor expansion will allow for more out-patient services and facilities, including therapy, pharmacy, radiology and a breast center with mammography and ultrasound services.

      The expansion has been in the works for several years, and president Ed Farnsworth said the expansion will hopefully encourage physicians to practice there while providing work for local contractors.

      "The construction project is going to add a lot of jobs and make a pretty significant difference there. We're gonna do our absolute best, and I think it'll be no problem, to use local contractors, local subcontractors, so that'll help [economic development] too," Farnsworth said.Farnsworth said they have the money for the expansion and do not believe they need to borrow any funds.

      "We do have an excess of revenue over expenses virtually every year, so we have the cash to pay for this," he said. Farnsworth said they plan to break ground by the fall, and the expansion is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015.