Camden County man charged with domestic assault, booked on $500k bond

A judge set the bond for James Weidner at $500,000, according to online records. (KRCG 13)

The man arrested Saturday on suspicion of domestic assault in Camden County was formally charged, accused of severely beating a woman.

Deputies stated they found a victim at a residence on Access Road near Camdenton after responding to a domestic assault call. A report stated the 45-year-old female victim was attempting to get up from a prone position on the floor when deputies walked in. They immediately contacted EMS, and emergency personnel took her to Lake Regional Hospital. She was later taken via helicopter to MU Hospital.

According to a release, deputies noticed several broken items in the house, and found 51-year-old James Weidner in a bedroom of the residence. He was taken into custody shortly after.

Deputies said the victim was badly beaten and kicked all over her body, sustaining multiple fractures to her face and ribs. She also had several cuts and bruising.

James Weidner was charged with first-degree domestic assault. A judge set his bond at $500,000, according to online records.

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