Callaway County investigating 'suspicious death'

Update: Friday, Sept. 30 at 5:15 p.m.:

The Callaway County Sheriff's Office is investigating what they call a suspicious death.

It happened just east of Fulton near the reform conservation area and the nuclear power plant on County Road 132.

A motorist discovered 20-year-old Adam Keith's body in Callaway County just before 7 a.m. Friday morning.

Officers spray painted the ground where where the victims body laid.

Callaway County Sheriff Dennis crane said he believed Keith, of Auxvasse, was out with three friends Thursday night after attending one of the friends mother's funeral.

"We know that they were partying last night together, at this time we believe alcohol and drugs could be part of the investigation," Crane said.

Friends told crane they were all in a vehicle going down County Road 132 when it happened.

A nearby neighbor told KRCG there's a consistent flow of people driving to work in the morning on the county road but there's a dead spot from about 6:30 am to 7 am.

The neighbor said she's sure if the body was there when the drivers went by they would have stopped.

She believed whatever happened to Keith happened during that half hour since the body was found just before 7 a.m.

"It's too early in the investigation to be able to say if this is an accident, an attempted suicide, we don't know at this point, Crane said. We just feel comfortable in saying we're looking at this and we've got all the parties that have the answers at our office."

As of now, the sheriff's office is ruling the death as suspicious.

"It starts off suspicious since they didn't report it, Crane said. Somebody else found the body and reported it. That's obvious that it seems suspicious to us right off the bat. Now we know, when kids party and do things they make stupid mistakes and that's yet to be determined what all has transpired here."

During a preliminary autopsy Friday afternoon the Boone/Callaway County Medical E xaminer found Keith suffered blunt trauma to his head but the medical examiner has yet to determine if that is the cause of death.

Sheriff Crane said the injury could be consistent with someone going out of the vehicle but it's unclear how it all happened.

Update: Friday, Sept. 30 at 2:55 p.m.:

The Callaway County sheriff has confirmed the name of the victim as Adam Keith. There is still no word on the cause of death.

Original Story:

The Callaway County sheriff has confirmed they are investigating a death near Toledo.

A call came in at 6:51 a.m. on Friday of a body found along County Road 132 east of Toledo. Sheriff Dennis Crane said the department is not releasing the identity at this time while deputies try to contact the family. Crane described the body as a while male in his late teens or early 20s.

Sheriff Crane said the department is treating this as a suspicious death, but said they do not know what caused the fatal injury.

An autopsy was scheduled for 11:30 Friday morning. Sheriff Crane said whichever way the investigation takes him, he expects to have a quick answer to the case.

The Callaway County sheriff TMs department is talking with several people at this time to help shed light on the individual.

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